What’s Goin’ On?


As a music director, staying on top of new music was easy. Every Monday I would sit down with my team and we would run through all the relevant and potentially “good” new music. As a music programmer, I could also tell you not only the name of any song, but it’s soundcode, runtime, and intro length. Staying on top of new music when you aren’t being bombarded with record company phone calls and listening to new singles and albums all day long as part of your day job is a little bit harder – even if you are an active part of the music industry. It’s surprising how many people in radio who can’t or don’t keep up to date with what’s new on the airwaves. Most listeners are like this as well, but that’s a different article all together.

With a Little Help from my Friends (at RadioAnalyzer)

Luckily, RadioAnalyzer makes staying on top of the relevant new songs easy. One way is to set up a few new music alerts to follow up competing stations, I wrote an article about it here. Another more complete way is via the New Music Function. Using it is incredibly simple. Pick a station, a timeframe, and a minimum number of spins the song must have had. I’ve chosen BBC Radio1, last week, and at least 4 spins.

At a glance I can see their new adds that ran 4 or more times, and when they first played the song. (I can also see they have started playing the live lounge version of Georgia “Never Let You Go” which is currently one of my favourite songs, that I found using this function).

Found What I’ve Been Looking For

Clicking on any one of the songs will give you a list of all the stations in your catalogue that play the song, when they first played it, and their overall play count and the weekly spins for the past 4 weeks.

Clicking on a single station will let you see the actual play chart, where you can then go even deeper into the clocks and listen to the presell by the DJ of the Song itself. You can find more info on the clocks function here. You can also download any one of these views as a handy excel file to save for later or pass along as a message or email. This works great as a What’sApp attachment, if you are using the system on your smartphone while on the go by the way.

Deeper Understanding

You can fine-tune your filtering option to specific dayparts or multiple stations. You can also check user defined market collections or entire areas or countries. It’s all down to what is important for you and for your program. For a short demonstration on the function, have a listen to our CEO Mikkel showing off the system here.

If you’re looking for a less focused and more open search on new music, take a look at our Hybrid Hitlist or Predictor functions, where we use new data collection methods and algorithms to find the songs that really matter to your audience or have the potential to be big hits. Reach out to us, we are happy to show you how we can help you make better audio.

P.S. Hats off to everyone that noticed the section headers in this article were all song titles. 😀